It Was Nothing

Check out the progress bar over there! She got the goal with two days to spare.

Laura’s in cop mode in here. “Roz, just back away from the tequila bottle.” I know, that sounds worse than it is. Laura has a tendency to overreact sometimes. (Think demented teapot song.) I think Roz was just after the bottle for something to drool into. She looks a little ragged and forgets to swallow.

But still, we made it, all in one piece. I would just like to mention (ahem) that it was Laura and I who got her to the goal today. We went totally off her blessed storyboard and took her for a ride. It was truly a barrel of laughs.

We’ll keep wiping the spittle off her chin, and when her color returns, we’ll get her moving on putting Sutures in order.