The Four C’s

Carmel corn, cupcakes, candy, and coffee.

Okay, that’s actually five c-words, but four c-things … unless, of course, you’re eating caramel with a side of corn. If you are, you have problems.

Okay, I’m already way off track here. I came to give you an update, and those four c-things create the fuel that has kept her on target and gotten us into Chapter 2. Ginny and Kris are about to divulge how they’re going to torture us for the weekend. Wish us luck.

And, if the author doesn’t go into sugar shock, she should be able to write tomorrow and hit that cool million. She has 1,031 to go. I am going to pay close attention and see what exactly that millionth word ends up being. It could be as boring as “the” or something as basic LAC as f-er. You really frickin’ never know.



3 thoughts on “The Four C’s

  1. You go Rosalyn!

    I love popcorn. My mom hates it says it messes with her teeth or gums or something.
    Crunch a Munch! Well now I have to go to the store!

  2. Sarah, tell her to try Old Dutch Caramel Puffcorn. It tastes like caramel corn, but it’s a Styrofoamy thing and not actually a true kernel. Hence, no hulls to fund those dental clinics that are usually posher than most people’s homes.

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