One Million

Okay, she finally hit the millionth word. It is “right,” and it belongs to the mouthy redhead. Doesn’t that just figure? Not sure if the word is boring or appropriate. Both? Neither? I was kind of hoping for “Claudia” or “Symbiotic” or “Swill” or “ta-da” or “oo, oo, baby, roll over here.”

Well, her NaNo day is not yet over so I best head on back to that place where Ginny and Kris have taken us. Did I just hear the crack of the almighty whip?



3 thoughts on “One Million

  1. She got there! That is great. Sure took longer than I guessed.
    Wait, but did you say she was busy doing something other than writing?

  2. Hey, alright! Well so much for even getting close on that guess!
    I checked out that nano website pretty cool! Did you know that Rosalyn has a halo! Well her feet! Kinda… She seems to be doing pretty good. I read what Sarah wrote about the 10 page report I am down with that! How writers do what they do is beyond me!

    1. She has a halo? That seems inconceivable. But, yes, she’s plugging away. How do they do it? Not with out a whole lot of help from their characters. 🙂

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