Closer, Closer, Closer

In our quest for DWD world domination, we have made great strides!

We have our own bookstore! will get you access to our ebooks and paperbacks. The ebooks over there have a few additional formats: ePub, eReader, and Rocket. You can order paperbacks, autographed or untouched.

The bookstore also has an affiliate program, meaning you can earn some coffee money sending people over there. Send enough, and well, you could afford to buy Crappie Cabin.

We have our own publishing imprint. Yep, the powers that be gave us Don’t Waste Daylight. Wonder where the hell they got that idea. 🙄  Still, it’s pretty damn cool.

So, yes, awesome strides, but what I really wanna know: Where the hell is the rest of LAC 10? Stomp your feet, people! Get Roz on the writer ball!