Lesbian Adventure Club Book 6

Well halle-frickin’-lujah! Book 6 has come to life! Its title is Leakers Ignited, and its cover is below. If all goes well, it should be out by month’s end.

This meeting belonged to Ginny and Kris. It’s kind of full circle for us, as Scavengers, book one, started at their house. My how we’ve grown! And if you remember from Sisters, some of us asked for another scavenger hunt, but Ginny pooh-poohed the idea. They came awfully close, though. If only they hadn’t done it backwards. 🙁

I will get sample chapters online as soon as the powers-that-be make them available. And thanks to all of you who nagged the crap out of Roz about where the hell book 6 was. I kept asking and didn’t get an answer! Apparently you all have more clout than me. She even put Laura’s third mystery on hold to finish this up for us. What could possibly be more important than keeping the Lesbian Adventure Club and its readers happy. What? Just what?

Lesbian Adventure Club Book 6
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