Likely Suspects Release

Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 10 will be officially released January 4 in ebook with paperback to follow shortly thereafter.


After some tense negotiations with the powers that be and a fat man in a red sooty suit… The DWD (that’s us) get to pre-release the bugger to all those who have been waiting so impatiently for it (that’s you). Yep, the ebook will be released Wednesday morning in our bookstore. And to say Merry Christmas and thanks for loving us the way you do (blush), we’ve got a coupon that’ll get you the ebook at half price. Just enter “MerryHighFive” during checkout before the year ends, and viola, it’s a cheap Christmas with the DWD.

We really do appreciate you, and we hope you have a merry Christmas (or a damn good Friday if you don’t celebrate). And here’s to an incredible new year for all of us (hold the champagne for me, thanks).