Front Burner

Okay, now that the Squatter chicks are all quiet in here, the author has returned her attention to us and LAC 21. Halle-frickin’lujah!

I put the Baby Steps monitor back up, but for the life of me I can’t remember what the last count was. Regardless, she’s gotten it up at least a couple thousand in these past days. I’ve set it for what she’s got this morning: 8,437. I won’t change the goal of 10,000, what she generally refers to as “the first hump,” and hopefully she’ll zip right past it and keep going. Literally, our life depends upon it. Frickin’ writers! They drive me nuts. Okay, except for journalists. Okay, except for one journalist. Okay, maybe not that journalist either. Frickin’ writers, every last one of them!

Move, Baby Steps, move!