Can you say ‘sidetracked’?

So, the author was blazing along with our book, and with her other hand, she was playing with some ideas for a new totally unrelated book she was going to use in November for NaNoWriMo. Then, she gets frustrated, claiming that you really cannot adequately flesh out a character without hearing her voice. So, she stops work on our book and starts writing the other one “just to get a feel for the protagonist.” Uh huh, Roz. And now 38,000 words later, she has two frickin’ books in the works.

Needless to say, we are feeling a bit neglected here, and, if truth be told, a bit crowded, too, with all these new and very fleshy characters in here. They seem nice enough, though, and I hope there will not be hell to pay when we do our best to wrangle the author and get her back to our book. Jesus, the things chicks have to do.

Whisper-chant with us: LAC 20! LAC 20! LAC 20!