Babies and Bathwater

Well, she wrote 40x what she wrote the day before, and when stated that way, it’s really hard to find fault. But, this really isn’t about fault, anyway. It’s about someone who’s miserable when words seem just outside her grasp. She checks her word count in her writing program, and it glaringly reminds her that she set LAC 21’s due date as January 1, 2015. She refuses to change the deadline, and that makes her unable to see that progress is progress. Or, acknowledge that she worked on a different project and managed a shitload of words there. Yes, it came to a screeching halt. She was going cheetah and now can’t tolerate baby ant steps.

I think she would be the first to admit that writers can be a pain in the ass. But, what would we do without them? For you, the readers, that’s probably a bad enough answer. For us, well… Let’s just not go there.

Forward, writer! Word by precious word.