Author’s Gone Wild

Don’t get excited! If she had her shirt over her head, I’d be hiding, not frickin’ bloggin’ about it! 🙄

1) I mean wild as in she just unleashed Deirdre, Polly, and two women who were here long before the DWD. You can find them in the LAC Bookstore, and, as I once suggested (although for a very different reason), they are free to a good home.

2) I mean wild as in she sent Nora Butler to a corner for a timeout. I know that corner. We all know that corner.      shudder

3) I mean wild as in she has gone back to work on LAC 13! That makes the rulers of the gray-mattered roost very happy. Feel free to thank me for this sudden turn of events. I knew posting a rough-draft snippet would get her missing us and back where she belongs. Go, Kate!

PS: I’ll see about swiping the entire Chapter 1, since the snippet seemed to have riled some of you far more than it incited her to get back at it. Jesus, you guys can be as pushy as Laura … and we love you for it.