Writer Rightly Reading Right Now. R U?

The author severely lost her way in writing LAC 22. After wiping her cranial blood off the all-too-familiar brick wall, she made a getaway. She’s holed up in a cabin with every single LAC book and a whole lotta coffee. Yep, she’s having a reading marathon. LAC Immersion Therapy: How can we object to that?

Well, actually, we can on one point.

We think that for this to truly work, you all need LAC Immersion Therapy! Get out your books and frickin’ read with her. Seriously! Start with Scavengers and keep going—no matter how long it takes you.

If you’re not with the LAC program yet, we’ll even give you a kickstart. You can get the LAC Series Starter Pack, which contains the first three books, for free. Just head over here and use coupon code LAC-athon during checkout. The coupon is good for the rest of the month. Oh, and, if you already have the books, please pass on the code to someone in need of Immersion Therapy.

Read on, Writer! Read on, Readers!