DWD Alert: Women’s Music Festival

Check out the Women’s International Music Festival … in Ohio, this August.

Our books are going to be there! Raffle, raffle, raffle.

But seriously, why the hell didn’t they ask us to perform?

Ten fictional characters up there on stage: imagine that! Shit, we know the Beaver Song! Holy shit, Susan knows Kumbayha! Okay, maybe no one would want to hear that. Um… Holly and Laura could give a twirly kissy-face demonstration! Who the hell would not want to see that … besides me? Um… How about a SwearFest? How about the lot of us doing our naked cannonballs off the pier off the stage? There ya go! … Okay, maybe not.

Well, if readers can live vicariously through characters, then these characters will have to live vicariously through our readers. 🙁 It is indeed a sad day. Get the ice cream.