The Rest of the Laura Book 4 Story

There are only two chapters remaining, people! Woohoo! We have already been whispering sweet LAC 13s into her ear, and we gave her a damn good idea for LAC 14.

But, she does have to finish Laura’s book first. She’s not quite happy with the shape of the two final chapters, and I am unprepared to risk her wrath and/or public humiliation by posting them before she is. Would you? A cranky writer is not a good thing, especially when you are one of her characters. So…

I will nab and post them both at the same time instead of stringing you along anymore. I’m thinking it will be tomorrow night or Saturday—pending, of course, any miracles or disasters or disasterous miracles or miraculous disasters or… Jesus, shut up, Kate!

Soon, people, soon! And then it will be:

Sutures, LAC 13
Chapter 1