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Yet Another Excuse to Shop

There is an LAC 2011 Wall Calendar available here. It comes complete with twelve months—imagine that!— and a quotation from each book. And hey, you can gaze upon our smiling faces (okay, smiling silhouettes) every day of the frickin’ year! What the hell more could you possibly want?

Oh! As long as you’re here… There’s another poll toward the bottom of page, left side. It asks who your favorite DWD is. I know who mine is.



An Excuse to Shop

Hey, the LAC merchandise available over at CafePress has grown by leaps and bounds: shirts, sweatshirts, tote, posters, mugs. We’ve got a ton more, now, than simply the DWD cap from Leakers Ignited.

I would love the Road Swill travel mug.

Claudia would love the Earl mug, but I’m not too sure she’d find the humor in “better in a cup than in a bra.” 😆

And hey, what Holly and Laura worshipper would not want an item with a Blue Cow on it?

Littermates, shop!

Crybabies, hide your money! Okay, for DWD purchases, hand it over!