Song Worms

The author tends to get a song stuck in her head for each book she writes. This one wormed its way into her head for Sutures. Okay, it kind of wormed its way into our heads, too, but I think I’d like it better with the title “DWD Tree.” Although, a DWD Tree is a Family Tree, huh?

And we need to know this why, Kate?

Because the one for LAC 14 is very telltale, very mood-setting.

And the LAC 14 song is, Kate?

Jesus, did Laura teach you interrogation techniques or something? I will tell you the song when Chapter 1 is fit to be swiped and posted … sometime next year. 😉 Just quit your complaining and enjoy Sutures and the song until then.



4 thoughts on “Song Worms

  1. Lay the ghost to rest? We can deny the times that bind us? Now don’t let those words in your head! I like the song honestly I’m a bit worried the worm will do major damage to our ladies. Try another song!! Hey I know – Silly love Songs by the Wings! Now if that ain’t a Kate and Claudia song what is? Plus bonus it is from my favorite time when music was simple – KC Casems’ top 40! Also note it was an AM station for me in Colorado- feeling kinda vintage!

    Well let me not f— with your direction. Do what you must just a tiny suggestion.

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