Remembering Ourselves

Hello? Anybody out there? Anybody at all remember us?

We are miserably stuck, one foot in LAC 12 and the other in LAC 13. If she moves them any further apart, we will be forced to do the splits. Not a pretty sight. Although, cheerleaders can do the splits. I sure as hell am not a cheerleader, but I do sleep with one.

I’m rambling, not making sense. That tends to happen when your entire fictional world comes to a screeching halt because someone cut the power. She is diverting all resources to the fourth Laura book. Why the hell she writes Laura books is a mystery to me.

Let it be known, though, that we are beginning to stir in our catatonic states. Perhaps some Road Swill would help. Perhaps cutting her power. Perhaps simply taking over, calling our own shots. We have done that before. Okay, that little fact just may explain why she resorts to catatonia. Still, we have a right to exist! Okay, maybe that is a ‘write’ to exist. Still, we have our rights! We just don’t want the right to remain silent. Still…