The author survived Camp NaNoWriMo. Amen.

She got stuck midway through LAC 23, and since the goal was forward momentum no matter what, she started LAC 24. Oh yippee, we now have two half-finished books. She swears, however, that she will head back to LAC 23 and finish the sucker.

To hold her accountable, here’s a solitary swipe from 23…

Chapter 1

“All right, Kate, you need to trust me, a lot,” Claudia said in the midst of a most unexpected breakneck turn.

Once established many years ago, trust in her generally came easily to me. But, not this morning. Not yesterday either. Hell, not for the past weeks.

She nearly came to a full stop in the furniture store parking lot’s flow, and her French braid whipped back and forth as she madly scanned. I was frickin’ confused, to say the least. Why the hell were we stopping to look at furniture? Now? Why now?

This was Saturday morning on our weekend to host the Lesbian Adventure Club. A month ago, she had gotten everyone to agree to give us the weekend although it wasn’t even our turn. Then, she got me to agree to a camping trip, with the destination being her choice, and she would not tell me where. Now, we were supposed to be on our way to pick up Holly and Laura, despite the fact that the car overflowed with gear and food. The artist and the detective would have to be fastened to the nonexistent luggage rack. That’s assuming, of course, that whatever furniture Claudia bought did not end up sitting there. Visions of the Empresses of Ta-Da strapped to a love seat on the car roof messed with my head.

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Still Kicking

Have we been quiet or what? Only here, though. We have been nagging the author, enough that she is doing July Camp NaNoWriMo. At the moment, she is four chapters into LAC 23.

I will keep you posted and maybe swipe something if I can.



Like Hell, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 22 has been released this morning! You can get it here in our bookstore. It will be available at other retailers and in paperback shortly.

LAC 22 book cover

Blurb: It’s a beautiful April day, and the fools are headed to Holly and Laura’s. Wonder what the weekend will be like.


High Five

Swiping another one…

Chapter 5

“What issue?” Susan asked again.

“Yeah, what does she keep putting between you?” Holly wanted to know as she elbowed her way to stand inches from Ginny and me.

Immediately, I stopped trying to wrest the shovel from the unhinged Ginny.

Then, Alison said, “You guys, whatever’s causing problems between you, talk about it. Please! Don’t let anything undo what you two have shared for such a long time.”

But, I had talked about it. Does the idiom “blue in the face” mean anything? And, I was, quite honestly, more than willing and prepared to let it go. Ginny, on the other hand, was nowhere near being able to do that. I tried to give her time, but frankly, her attempts to get me to deal with the anger she erroneously believed I carried began to make me angry. That seemed the stupidest thing I could imagine.

“Talk, chickies,” Holly ordered and sat on the ground.

The others plunked down next to her, with the exception of Claudia and Laura, who knew the story and didn’t need to be meddling busybodies, albeit well-meaning ones. Kris knew it, too, so why she landed on the ground in that audience was beyond me.

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Four For Ya

Please accept my sincerest apology for the thieving delay. We apparently haven’t been kicking her backside frequently enough.

Chapter 4

As we walked back into the field, we generously doled out the crap to Alison for what everyone agreed was a cruel prank. Actually, a few deemed it so cruel that they suggested she be disqualified from competing for the illustrious Bimbo Babe. But, like I said, it was crap. I assumed there were others in the mob who saw it as gutsy—especially for Alison. Plus, she was quick thinking—damn quick. I hadn’t even decided whether I could credibly pull a prank, and there she was, having us all running before the damn trees were even planted.

The trees. Yes, the trees. Let’s see. Where were we?

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Another Chapter

Our threat seems to be working. The author is madly filling holes, lest we post them for the world to see. Not at all sure what will happen when we get to the chapters that are nothing but hole. I guess we’ll cross that abyss when we get to it.

LAC 22 Chapter 3

As soon as the vegan rejoined the group, Holly held her cellphone as a reporter would a notepad. Her index finger hovered above it. “Okay, tell me what kind of trees you have.”

We had a Winesap and a Golden Delicious, and Claudia wasted no time telling her so. The professors had gone with pears, and the schoolteacher and the vegan had decided on plums. The copycat massage therapist and yoga instructor brought apples, but at least they were unique in their choice of variety. The artist and the detective informed us that they, too, had a Golden Delicious, and a Granny Smith.

Claudia felt compelled to say, “Only Kate’s tree is allowed to cross-pollinate my tree.”

Laura rolled her eyes. “I’ll put up a sign for the bees.”

Then, Claudia evil-eyed the others. “Kindly keep your pear pollen and your plum pollen to yourselves.”

Susan haughtily shook her head as she held her nose high. “My pollen wants nothing to do with your tree.”

“Chickies,” the madly tapping  artist yelled, “it’s a DWD forest. DWD trees do whatever they want to do, and they help their sisters whether they want it or not.” She dropped her phone to her side and looked at Laura. “Okay, babe, do your thing.”

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