LAC Weekend Update

Well, we just finished breakfast at Maggie and Susan’s. Now, everyone looks kind of grotesque, and that has nothing to do breakfast.

As you can see from the NaNoWriMo counter over yonder, the author is plugging away. She’s ahead of schedule, even taking into account that she has a standing commitment on Tuesdays that leaves her with none of the brain cells required to write.

Her motivation is flagging, though, I must say. The powers-that-be say that’s normal, but it makes the author as distracted as a toddler. Maybe we could have her write with alphabet blocks or something. We’re doing our best to keep her moving. In fact, we’ve been behaving like little angels. Okay, except for the stuff pertaining to the actual weekend. I mean as the major players in this book writing business, we have remained on task, haven’t taken her on any tangents, haven’t been playing head games with her. Yep, well behaved.

So please send some good thoughts in our direction. She can be very hard to live with. Oh, and if you have any extra Halloween candy lying around…



3 thoughts on “LAC Weekend Update

  1. Ha! Say it isn’t so! Not messing with or being messed with doesn’t apply to the writer, because of NADOWRO or whatever it is. Hang on …NANOWRIMO. Okay.
    I am back to blog away with you Kate. It has been a long time. I haven’t missed a book. I have just been busy…finally met someone special. 🙂 (even using stupid little symbols now) ;P

    I still am amazed that Roz can sit down and crank out all those words making all those lovely stories. Of course with so many voices in her head…not sayin she is mental, but that is bunch of broads to keep track of.

  2. I have all the books, Laura as well as LAC, up to number 17 which I had ordered from Amazon and never got. In fact, shipping post of all your books has to be samewhere else than usual Amazon place, as all the books I got were rather late. Thanks to troubles with my eyes I only read paper books. Is it possible to get paper copies somewhere else?

    1. Hi, Svetla!

      Yes, they must be purchased through Amazon. Their Customer Service is supposed to be top-notch. Please let them know you didn’t receive the copy. Keep hounding them if you have to, as there is no excuse for not getting your purchases to you!

      I’m hoping it’s okay to ask you about ebook reading… Are there any formats that we don’t offer that you can read? Or, is there a way to improve the formats we do offer so that you can read them? We have formats for desktop, Kindle, Nook, Apple devices, and PDF. The fonts can be enlarged through the reader, and depending upon the app used, there is text-to-speech capability. I don’t like the idea that they’re unreadable to anyone, so if there is a way to make it work for you, please let me know, and please feel free to contact me via the “Contact Us” link on top the page, if you’d prefer your reply not end up in the public eye.

      Thanks for writing!


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