My cerebral dictionary/thesaurus says…


be absorbed in thought


1. (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences, 2. a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist


puzzle, confuse, or bewilder


provide interesting and enjoyable occupation for

Putting it all together like a good little reporter…

A writer who has misplaced her Muse often muses on the meaning of life and ends up puzzled, confused, or bewildered. The characters of this writer are not in the least bit amused.

If a muse is a woman who is the source of inspiration, you have frickin’ ten of ’em inside your twitching skull, Roz! And I’m sure Noelle would be more than willing to kick in, too. Quit looking out there for something you already have in here. Our lifeblood, the stuff that makes us walk and talk and high-five.

We tried to help in the past few months … albeit in our DWD way. Sometimes, we were quiet, and that’s saying a lot. Sometimes, we created storms in your head. Sometimes, we were content taking a breather of our own. (You can be one hell of a taskmaster.) Sometimes, we moved ahead, figuring you were stubborn enough to catch up. Sometimes, we fed you ideas. Okay, and then once, we took you on a big-ass tangent with riveting scenes from a book that doesn’t yet exist. But they were good scenes, weren’t they, Roz? Your little fingers typed so fast, urged on by that creative fire you swore someone snuffed out. That was inspiration … because you can’t stand to see any one of us hurt, because you’ll keep plugging away until we’re all okay again.

Well, writer, we are not okay. We are stuck downtown on Elm Street, waiting for you to write the words that will open the door on that little shop that leads to the next leg of our journey. We’re waiting … sometimes patiently, sometimes not … nearing the home stretch of LAC 11.

If you’re tired, we can deal with that. Sit back. Put up your feet. Have a swig of my coffee. (Be careful of Laura germs.) I’m sure Claudia can find a cookie to go with it. Ginny can holler at you. Kris can tell you to do whatever is healthiest for you. Maggie can make you tofu. (Sit back down, writer!) Susan can show off her new ebook reader. Janice has magic fingers. Alison can show you duck poses. And Holly can make you trip out over all the little things that inspire her so. We’ve got you covered.

And when you’re ready, just open the door on that little shop in downtown Granton.

P.S. In case our do-gooder stuff doesn’t frickin’ inspire you, let it be known: We’ve been having quite the conversations in here with someone named Millicent Baylor. She’s got all sorts of ideas about what a character can do to her writer in order to get what she wants. Very interesting. 😉