ISO: Ourselves and You

Holy shit, we have been silenced far too long! Sometimes when life rains, it’s a frickin’ shit-storm. But, the author has weathered it (mostly) and fondly remembers us. Time, once again, for us to move on with our life.

She’s got some people in here that have nothing to do with us. She’s been hanging with them over the past weeks, trying to beef up those atrophied literary muscles. She plans to have them taken care of soon. Because you know what? NaNoWriMo starts on November 1st, and she’s all in again. She has a rough outline of LAC 18, which is kind of stupid in my estimation. We live the damn thing, we know what happens, and we’re more than eager to tell her—as we always have.

LAC 18 is a Maggie and Susan weekend. It’s November, which is good since she’ll be writing in November. She thinks the title is L-Word B-Word, not to be confused with L-Word C-Word, which is why she’s hesitant to give it that title. What, like we’re not bright enough to tell the difference? 🙄

She has a new office with a fireplace and a shitload of wood at the ready. She has a new coffee maker. She has a stockpile of snacks and Halloween candy. And, most importantly, she has us. Seriously, what more could she possibly need?

Except you guys.

We sure as hell hope you’ve weathered her shit-storm of silence and are still there. You’d better be, or we’ll have to send the cop out to find you. Or, God forbid, Ginny.