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Releasing L’ Babes

Tomorrow morning, Book 18, L’ Babes, should be released as an ebook in the LAC bookstore. It will be available at other ebook sellers and in paperback next week.

Between Laura’s books and ours, we now have two dozen out there. Pretty damn cool. We will get her moving on the 25th ASAP.

In the meantime, the cover and the blurb…

L' Babes' book cover

Maggie and Susan are doing their last hurrah as hostesses before their family grows and responsibilities change. It’ll be a Best of the Best weekend. But since there’s always a ‘but’ with this crew, the best may not simply be the good things. Pack your bags!



Last Swipe of the Year

She finished the first draft of LAC 18! I took the liberty of swiping its first chapter. I will behave myself for the rest of the year.


Chapter 1

“I want you,” I said, my breathy words punctuated by the well-timed screech of my tires as I brought the car to a breakneck halt.

Claudia laughed, a wordless reply capable of breaking a girl’s heart. Okay, under normal circumstances it would have, but this was hardly normal. I had been joking, although given half a chance, I would have taken her right there.

Right there… My eyes scanned. We were parked mid-block in a residential neighborhood not far from our home. So “right there” proved hardly the place for an impromptu love-in. But still, I would have. … Okay, maybe not.

How had I gotten myself into this situation? Fair question.

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Ho, Ho, Oh No

The author had every intention of finishing and releasing LAC 18 before Christmas. While some of us believe in Christmas miracles, no supreme being is omnipotent enough to pull this one off. She’s still a few hundred words short of finishing the first draft, which in a writer’s world equates to a few bricks short of a load. It should be easy, but she’s driving herself mad just trying. She’s going to walk away from it for a few days and then have at it. She’s shooting for completion in a brand new year. Oh, and it has a title: L’ Babes. Yes, for the first time in my life, I am a babe.

So, we’re pretty damn close to being there.

If you celebrate: Merry Christmas from the DWD! If you don’t: high-five, just ’cause. 🙂