All Is Not Lost

She’s been slowly plugging away at LAC 21 and making strides on the ending of Squatter’s sequel. She’s nowhere near atop her game, but she’s moving nonetheless. Dribbling.

We’re being nothing but accommodating and pleasant, and frankly, it’s driving us nuts. Doing our part in this strange little arrangement, I guess, but it makes me want to scream while running down Crappie Cabin’s pier to do a cannonball. Clothes on, thank you. Oh, except, it’s February here in our world, and I really don’t want to go walking on lake ice ever again, especially with Laura.

Anyway, keep sending those good prodding vibes. She needs them. She’s rusty. Maybe some chick with a dog in a basket will happen by and use that oil can on her. Except, that would make it the Wizard of Roz, and if you say that aloud, that makes you sound like Scooby Doo.