A Galumph Amid a Slump

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That orange word-counter bar thingy over there has not moved at all today. Commas aren’t counted so it could have been another of her Wilde “one of those days,” but I happen to know that’s not the case.

I am happy to report that she got Nora Butler off her desk. Um, now that I think about it, maybe having people on her desk is why she can’t write. Okay, bad joke. Let me rephrase.


She completed Nora Butler’s short story, entitled “Cookery.” She lets stories sit for a spell to age or something before she’ll give them the heave-ho, but it is done. I’m thinking by week’s end.

I’m also thinking the D Double D dare we issued had a lot to do with her finishing the story. If it’s off her desk, what else does she have to fret over now but LAC 13? Huh? We figure it’s a tactical maneuver on her part. She has quietly cleared the battlefield. She’ll lie low, act like we didn’t hook her, and then when we least expect it, she’ll come out typing. Ya think?

Oh, and a little trivia from Professor Bleeker… Galumph is a Lewis Carroll portmanteau word from Through the Looking Glass. It’s a super-sized combo of gallop and triumph. And, yes, just to be clear: I think the author actually did gallop triumphantly when she finished Nora’s story. I know we did. You feel free to galumph, too. Go ahead. We promise not to laugh … at least not loudly.